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We have participated in the creation of more than 50 hotels!
Hospitality and leisure facilities become popular destinations by engaging the guests in unforgettable experiences. These spaces truly live up to the expectations and the ambitions of the customers. The architectural design of arxicon ensures a long-term value for investors while providing the guests with this exquisite experience. Our projects are marked by creative interior design, modern ideas, proven sustainability strategies and technological innovations. Our team has acquired extensive experience through many years in the development of hospitality projects and brings developers, investors and hotel operators together both efficiently and timely. 


...more than 250 applied interior design concepts!
Our interior designs inspire, blend in smoothly in each environment or simply transform living in these spaces into a unique kind of experience. The interior design department of arxicon analyzes the individual requirements and ideas adjusting its perspective to the identity of each client so as to create the desired spaces defined as an individual’s ideal environment. Interior design concepts of arxicon make use of specific space, color, material, energy and light as tools to achieve a healthy environment not only to live but also to work in.


120 villas, complexes of houses & apartment buildings!
Good housing techniques combine the eternal conflict of exterior and interior elements in living spaces and thereby constitute a pleasant living environment. Thus, thoughtful planning guarantees great appeal and makes the product "either house or apartment" especially popular. arxicon incorporates global residential trends in unique housing structures that adapt to local conditions in an optimal way. Our solutions include modern design concepts with efficient floor plans and aspects of sustainability. For owners, investors and developers, these are the criteria that have to be taken into consideration in order to fulfill the dream of the “perfect home”.


We are the creators of 30 special buildings!

Developers of special structures and buildings need our services to create attractive constructions within budget limits and on schedule, in addition to finding tenants in short time. The arxicon team ensures the appropriate commercial highlighting of the projects, and thus its success, since it develops not only sustainable and flexible buildings, but also it caters for the efficient use of space and natural resources, while creating an inspiring public image. We customize every aspect of the property and the building in detail to optimize the marketability and profitability on behalf of the investors. Of course, at the same time users are provided with the exact required spaces to cover their needs.