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The Full Story

Value engineering is our ability to provide systematic & organized approach in all necessary functions during a construction project at the lowest possible cost. We sudjest substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing quality & functionality.


For us, the fundamental principles of Material Trade  Facilitation are, Transparency, Simplification, Harmonization & Standardization! It is a unique packet of construction material trade facilitation services that allows both sides, producer & client, to feel safer, in matters of communication, quotations, orders, timetable, payments, quality control, delivery, transportation & mediation!

Our unique way of coordinating prooves that some imposible missions are feasible!


Highly Updated Experienced Professionals:

Architects, Engineers, Projects Managers, Brokers, Lawyers

- Finding the proper high-end producer!

- Matching the product with the needs of the global market!

- Facilitating commercial choises!

For our professionals, the voyage to Ithaca counts!


Value Engineering
Material Trade Facilitation

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