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The birthplace of European civilization, Greece today offers the traveller the comforts of modern Europe in close proximity to the stark beauty of the ancient world. The mountains and terrains of the mainland, surrounded by 13,676 km of coastline washed by the glittering sea, are beautifully juxtaposed to the austere 1,000 islands scattered throughout the calm blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Constantly ranked as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, Greece offers to the discerning traveller not only luxury and stunning landscapes, but also adventure, serenity, culinary experiences, a bustling nightlife and a number of outdoor activities. Tourism amounts for 18% of GDP, and is poised for growth as a number of high end international brands are developing properties in the market.


Chalkidiki has been a popular summer touristic destination since the late 1950's when people from Thessaloniki started spending their summer holidays in the coastal villages. The suggested plot is located in Sarti village, Sithonia Peninsula, Region of Chalkidiki, Central Makedonia, Greece, European Union. Sithonia Peninsula and Chalkidiki in general, is one of the most beautiful and famous touristic destinations in Greece. 120km from "Makedonia" International Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG). The access is being done through a regional network of roads. Most of Sithonia Peninsula is under the protection of the European «Natura 2000» network and requires special environmental protection and design. The building restrictions that apply to the above reasons, have kept the peninsula in low touristic growth until our days. New laws allow mild touristic exploitation and that is the main reason for the need of a large plot. The vast expansion of the touristic industry gives the Sithonia Peninsula top-touristic growth expectations for the next 10 years. 


The regulations allow us to have 20% of ground coverage in the existing plots. The maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is 0,2 so we are allowed to build as follows:

-Total Property Area: 66.450,55m2
-Total Building Area: 13.290,11m2
-Total Underground Area: 13.290,11 m2

The property, that we represent, is divided by the road network and other properties, in 3 separate, buildable as one, plots:

-Plot 1 Area: 21.406,00m2 | Building area 4.281,20m2 + 4.281,20m2 auxiliary functions
-Plot 2 Area: 21.365,16m2 | Building area 4.273,03m2 + 4.273,03m2 auxiliary functions
-Plot 3 Area: 23.679,39m2 | Building area 4.735,88m2 + 4.735,88m2 auxiliary functions.

Combining the three plots, in the whole area of 66.450,55 m2, can be constructed a Resort & Convention Center of 264 Rooms (530b) which shall consist:
Resort Rooms & Villas
-Classic rooms (2-3 persons), Junior suites (3 persons), Suites (4 persons), Apartments & Villas (more than 4 persons)

Indoor Facilities
-Main Lobby, Reception, Offices, Main Bar
-Spa, Fitness Studio, Beauty Saloon, Medical Office
-Main Restaurant, Restaurants a la carte, Bars & Lounges
-Convention Center, Business Center
-Shops, Market
Outdoor Facilities
-Swimming pools for public use & Pool Bars
-Swimming pools for private use
-Amusement Facilities
-Tennis Courts & Outdoor Sports Facilities
-Parking Plots for Cars
-Parking Plots for Electrical Buggies
-Berthing Services in Public Marina

Auxiliary Services
-Corridors, Staircases, Lifts, W.C. complexes
-Kitchen & Storages next to every Bar & Restaurant
-Mechanical & Electrical Area
-General Storages
-Parking Plots

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